We are four - one family, one team, holding together to face the daily madness. Around us there are so many helping hands: parents, friends, partners and employees... without these hands we couldn,t manage everything. In all our daily work fun must not come up short because we love what we are doing whether it is Wine, champagne, hotel or cafe - Strubel Roos pleasure for all senses in the Klostereck.

One family
Karl Rainer, Heide, Veronika and Frederik we are the core of Strubel Roos. The grandparents give us a hand wherever they can and so do the dogs. We are busy with a lot of things from dusk til dawn or later. Whatever the hotel, producing wine and sparkling wine or the cafe may claim from us we take it with a smile because it is a responsibility we love to carry - here in the Klostereck.